This Week @ the Library: Build a Fairy House

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you have all found some great books to read for this week.  If you haven’t, stop by and visit with Mrs. Grey at the Elizabeth Taber Library.  She’s got some great suggestions for you!  Speaking of the E.T. Library, have you signed up for the weekly event for this Wednesday?  On July 17, the event is “Build a Fairy House”!  It will be at 2pm at the Music Hall.  I’d love to see pictures once you’ve finished.

This weekend I read “The Worm Whisperer” by Betty Hicks.  It’s on the fourth grade reading list. Has anyone checked it out?  After I read it, I wondered if there are towns that really have woolly worm races.  Are there really prizes?  That would make a good research question!

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