*Weekly Minute Update*: 91,805 minutes Read!

Ladies and Gentleman of Sippican School – we are doing AWESOME with our summer reading!  Check out our new total for logged minutes – 91,805 minutes!  Remember, you can always login to your account and log minutes from last week in case you forgot.  Is anyone reading a book that you just love?  Comment about it here!

I’m reading Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool.  It’s on the reading list for sixth grade, and is an amazing story about a boy who takes a really dangerous trip into the woods – tracking a giant black bear.  Has anyone read that yet?  What did you think?

     Image            Image

One thought on “*Weekly Minute Update*: 91,805 minutes Read!

  1. Just got to the part with the cave! Creepy! I really didn’t expect them to end up this far away from their school. I can’t decide if I think they are going to find the bear or not… – Mrs. Barrett

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