Fire Safety Quiz

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Summer Reading Survey!

Hi Guys! Click on the link below to take the summer reading survey. I’m looking forward to reading your responses!

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Grade Six:

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Summer Reading Time!

A huge thank you to Mrs. Grey at the Elizabeth Taber Library for getting us started with our summer reading program! Be sure to stop by this summer to sign up for free events and to turn in your reading sheets. All of the summer reading books are displayed right at the front of the library, too. Check them out!

Yesterday’s magician was AWESOME!  Were you there?  Here’s a clip of one of the lucky students who got to balance a spinning ball on the tip of his finger.

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Mrs. Grey met with students in grades K-5 last week.  Thank you, Mrs. Grey!


The African Library Project – Next Week

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.22.34 PMWe have been so fortunate at Sippican School. I always get excited when I find an opportunity for us to share our resources with those around us. Next week we will have a chance to do just that! Mrs. Arone from the Elizabeth Taber Library and I started working on a project to build a school library for a small town in the country of Malawi. Malawi is in the southern part of Africa. We’ve learned through research on The African Library Project website that most people in Malawi do not have access to electricity and their classrooms are without books.  We are hoping to make a difference for the children of the Kaphira primary school.

How Can I Help?

Between April 30 and May 4 we will be collecting gently used books along with loose change donations to cover the cost of shipping the library (around $500).  You may bring used books or donations to our school library or to the Elizabeth Taber Library at any point during the week.  We will prepare the books for shipment the following week!

Thanks in advance for your support!  Check out more details on the flyer below or contact Mrs. Barrett in the school library with questions.

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