Books in Celebration

Give a Book to the Sippican School Library!

What is Books in Celebration?

Books in Celebration is a program that has been in place at our library for years.  It allows community members and parents to purchase pre-selected titles for our school library collection.  Purchasing a book for our library collection is an excellent way to honor our students, our community, and our future.  Your donation enables countless children hours of reading enjoyment.  What better way to mark a special occasion?

Purchase a book to celebrate a child’s birthday, a staff member’s retirement, a wonderful school year, or any other reason you can think of!

 How Can I Find Out Which Titles are Currently on the Wish List?

Visit The Bookstall here in Marion, MA. A display of books from our Wish List is arranged in the store.  Please contact Mrs. Barrett if you have any other questions about the process.

I’d Like to Purchase a Book for the Library.  What Should I Do Next?

If you would like to donate a book to the Etta-Hix Allen Library Media Center at Sippican School to honor a special event or occasion, here are the steps:

1. Obtain the library Wish List from either Mrs. Barrett, school library teacher, or from our local bookstore, The Bookstall, on Front Street in Marion.

2. Select and purchase a book (with your child if you wish). All titles on the Wish List are displayed at the Bookstall for your review.

3. Bring the book to the Sippican School Library and let us know what you would like inscribed on the bookplate using the form found here.

4. Your gift book will become a part of the library collection for everyone to enjoy.  The addition of this book to our library will be published in a newsletter that is distributed to the community through the superintendent’s office.

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