Library Book Pick-ups Are Ready!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week so far. We had over 70 families request library books last week – wow! That’s awesome. It took me all of last week to pull the books from the shelves. The books (along with your classwork, art projects, etc.) are waiting for you in the Multi-Purpose Room.

So, how can you pick up those materials? Here are the dates, times, and procedures:

Tuesday May 12: 2020
Project Grow: 8-9
Kinder: 9-10
Grade 1: 1-2
Grade 2: 2-3

Wednesday May 13, 2020
Grade 3: 8-9
Grade 4: 9-10
Grade 5: 1-2
Grade 6: 2-3

Pick up Procedures:

-You will arrive in your vehicle at the bus loop (Park Street entrance)

-Please bring a sign that you can hold up with your child’s/children’s last name and their teachers name(s)

-When you arrive in the bus loop, please hold up the sign. There will be two staff members reading the information

-Please unlock/open the trunk or farthest rear door of your vehicle. Mr. Letendre or Mr. Harrison will place your children’s items in the vehicle and close the door.

If you have any questions please send me an email or a message in Google Classroom. I’m so glad to get some news books into your homes!

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