Hour of Code 2019

This week the students were getting off the bus asking, “Is it Hour of Code?!?” I was excited to be able to tell them that, yes, this is the week! Grades 3-6 have been able to choose between Minecraft tutorials, the A.I. Challenge from Code.org, programming a basketball game, personalizing each letter in the Google logo, coding a Grinch game, or using Scratch to make a hero become a superhero. The most popular selection, by far, was the Google Logo challenge! Try it yourself here.

Grades K-2 have been using an app from codeSpark called The Foos. It uses simplified Blockly to allow student to program different characters to solve a series of puzzles. It’s been a hit! So many students have been excited to help classmates figure out a tricky level of play, or happy to work in teams. These are important skills to develop and they really did an incredible job this week.

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