What are you Reading this February?

It has been a very busy January! Even though it was hard for me to leave my baby after maternity leave was over, it has been so good to see all of you and to be back in the library. I have been very impressed with some of your reading choices! Lots of students have been trying the new ones in our collection – Galaxy Zack, Kingdom of Wrenly, and many, many of our “Who Was…” series.  Which ones have been your favorites?  What are you reading this month?

When I was picking out books for my display shelves I found this amazing book, called A Dream of Freedom by Diane McWhorter.  It tells the story of the Civil Rights Movement. I am learning so many things about our country’s history!  There is a great quote from Frederick Douglass (a former slave) on page 13:

” ‘It is not well to forget the past. Memory was given to man for some wise purpose.  The past is…the mirror in which we may discern the dim outlines of the future.’ ”

Isn’t that inspiring? It makes me want to investigate even more about our past!


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