Happy New Year!

The end of 2015 was a blur in the school library!  We wrapped up our first after school Makey Makey group.  Parents joined us on Monday, December 21 for a demonstration.  Students did an amazing job of showcasing their work.  Way to go!  I heard from several parents that they were impressed with the way that students explained their work and how the technology was functioning.  Two thumbs up for all of you!

We also had our second annual Hour of Code from December 7-11. All students in grades K-6 had a full hour to experiment with writing computer code.  Options varied for each grade, with older students using actual java script and younger students planning specific movements for computer characters.  Fun was had by all!  We can’t wait for next year.  In them meantime, the links are still on our website under the “Students” menu.  Enjoy!



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