Coming Soon – Library Lego Wall!

I am so excited about the latest library project that is underway.  We are going to be putting up a giant Lego Wall in the library!  I’ve already received the base plates.  The next step is to put up the wood that will form the foundation for the wall and to attach the plates so that they can be used.  Once that is done?  It will be ready for you to create and design  – all with Legos!  And honestly, who doesn’t like Legos?  We have a grant posted on Donors Choose if any families would like to contribute toward the funds for the purchase of Lego blocks themselves.  Also, if you have Lego blocks that you would like to donate we would be happy to accept them!  Check out our Donors Choose grant below:

Fund our Lego Wall through Donors Choose!

Fund our Lego Wall through Donors Choose!

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