Digital Citizens in the Making

Fifth grade students are learning about being the best digital citizens that they can be. We are using Kidblog to learn about blogging in a positive way, and Digital Passport by Common Sense Media. This week we are focusing on “oversharing” and making posts both safe and smart. Watch this video to learn more about what we should keep private and what’s okay to share online!

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Book Fair Week!

It’s the most exciting week every spring – Book Fair week!  You can support our school library by finding new and exciting books to read during class. If you’d like to shop after school we have Family Shopping on Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 p.m.  The Book Fair is also online, and you can shop through the rest of the month by clicking on the link below.  Enjoy!

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February Festivities

February went by very quickly with vacation and two snow days!  After our lesson times and book checkouts, students made valentines for the school library. We were also excited to purchase the entire Amulet series. Thank you to Mrs. Marsden and Mrs. Grondin for getting them out on the shelf in just one day!  This student was one friend who couldn’t wait to get his hands on several before vacation.  Check them out the next time you come to library class (if they are on the shelf)!