Book Spine Poetry from Grade Five

Have you seen book spine poetry?  It is a form of found poetry, or poetry that you happen to find just by looking around (ex. grocery list, to-do list, etc.).  Fifth grade created book spine poems for each of the Dewey Decimal categories.  Can you tell the main subjects just by looking at the poems?  Enjoy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Grade Two Habitat Projects

Stop by the library this week and see the animal habitats created by Mrs. Bourgeois’ second grade class.  Which one is your favorite?  Nice job, grade two students!  Thanks for sharing your work with us!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Goodbye, Bubble Computers!


We are so excited to begin setting up the rest of our new iMacs!  Thank you to our anonymous donor for contributing to our fundraising efforts to purchase these eight computers.  Are you excited to see the new iMacs in the library?  Will you miss the old bubble computers?  Tell us about it here!