It's Winter Reading Challenge Time!

The Winter Reading Challenge has started! This year we are encouraging you to fill out one of our Bingo sheets. You can fill in Bingo in any direction, or challenge yourself to complete the entire sheet. You can always download and print a second copy here or grab one from the library! All sheets are due to the library by February 14, 2020. Have fun and happy reading!

Circle Round for Sippican!

Every year our first grade students learn about folktales – where they come from, how they get passed along, how they bring us closer to people from around the world. We also enjoy listening to the Circle Round podcast. Circle Round is a podcast produced by WBUR that features folktales from many countries and traditions. The narration is fantastic, and they are enjoyed by all!

This fall, I contacted the host of Circle Round – Rebecca Sheir – about possibly having our students Skype with them about the podcast. Rebecca was very gracious in her response, and even though she doesn’t offer Skype visits she offered to create a special message just for Sippican Students. You can listen to the message here.


Hour of Code 2019

This week the students were getting off the bus asking, “Is it Hour of Code?!?” I was excited to be able to tell them that, yes, this is the week! Grades 3-6 have been able to choose between Minecraft tutorials, the A.I. Challenge from, programming a basketball game, personalizing each letter in the Google logo, coding a Grinch game, or using Scratch to make a hero become a superhero. The most popular selection, by far, was the Google Logo challenge! Try it yourself here.

Grades K-2 have been using an app from codeSpark called The Foos. It uses simplified Blockly to allow student to program different characters to solve a series of puzzles. It’s been a hit! So many students have been excited to help classmates figure out a tricky level of play, or happy to work in teams. These are important skills to develop and they really did an incredible job this week.