Presidential Reading Challenge

I hope everyone is keeping track of their reading minutes for our reading challenge! This year we are trying to reach all of the presidents by reading for 125,000 minutes. For every 3,000 minutes we earn another president. As of today, we have read for 47,400 minutes, bringing us to Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president. You can help us by spending extra time reading between now and February 13 and adding your minutes to your weekly log. Thanks to all of the student announcers, too! They’ve shared a lot of interesting information about each of our presidents so far.


Fifth Grade Can Blog

This week fifth grade students practiced their netiquette skills by working on an index card blog. Students wrote a “post” about their favorite book and classmates used sticky notes to write comments on each other’s work. We worked on continuing the conversation, being kind, expressing our opinions, and making our comments count. We will practice again next week before starting our own Kidblog blogs for real!




Presidential Reading Challenge Begins on Monday!

Hey Sippican! Hope you are all ready for our annual Winter Reading Challenge! This year, our theme is “Today a Reader…Tomorrow a Leader.” We will be working our way through the presidents of the U.S., reaching a new one for every 3,000 minutes that we read. Keep track of your minutes with your weekly reading log and help us to meet our goal of reading for 125,000 minutes and visiting all 44 presidents!



Fifth grade students excited to sign up to help with morning announcements!


New Puzzles are On Their Way!

This fall I created a puzzle project on the website  The website is a place where anyone can donate to school projects around the country.  We were lucky enough to have seven donors give $273 for a set of classroom puzzles!  Look for them to arrive soon!  You can check out the project by clicking here.  What should we ask for next?  What would make our school library even better?  Write a comment below to share your opinion.