The Hour of Code – Coming to Sippican!

Okay, so is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy using technology?  Are you curious how technology works?  Would you like to try playing with technology?  You are in luck!  During the week of December 8-12, all students will have a chance to try coding.  Coding is another way of saying computer language.  Computer language is what controls the tiny computers inside our smart phones, iPads, apps, and any digital devices that we use.

Students will be participating in the second annual “Hour of Code” during library classes between Dec. 8-12.  Watch this short video to find out more!

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 9.32.25 AM

RIF Week!

We have had three days of RIF so far this week, and everyone has been choosing some exciting new titles to take home and KEEP! We are so thankful to Mr. Zutaut and the Braitmayer family for giving us so many books to choose from. We love RIF days!