Team USA and Team Sippican – Going for the Gold

I hope everyone has enjoyed their February vacation!  At my house we spent a lot of time playing outside, visiting the library, and, of course, reading.  We also got to watch plenty of the Sochi Winter Olympics.  Did any of you have a favorite event?  I especially liked the alpine skiing and the snow boarding competitions.  While the Olympics end today in Russia, remember that Sippican is STILL working on our Olympic Reading Challenge through February.  Turn in all of those minutes to the library and help us to meet our goal of 120,000 minutes!

Final Medal Counts

Final Medal Counts

Reading Olympics: Day Four

Thanks to Peter M. for a morning announcement about the Biathlon!  He included some really interesting data about the equipment used and the play of the game.  Want to know more?  Here’s the official Biathlon page that Peter used for his announcement:

Keep reading!  We’ve currently counted 6,060 minutes.  I KNOW more of you are reading!  Be sure to bring in your minutes, or log them online.  (Click on “Turn in Minutes Here” under “Olympic Reading Challenge”)  We have a long way to go to reach our 120,000 minute goal!

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Did you see Google’s logo today? Love the design!

First Olympic Announcement: Alpine Skiing

Our first announcement for the Olympic Reading Challenge was from Emma M. in sixth grade.  She shared with us details about the equipment used in alpine skiing.  We also heard about several famous skiers to watch for at the Olympics later this week, including Ted Ligety!  In 2010, Ted came in 5th in the super-combined race.  Also look for Bode Miller (who won GOLD in 2010 for the super combined!) and Jacqueline Wiles.  Jackie is a high school student from Oregon, and this is her first Olympics.


Find more about the Team USA athletes here!

Keep up the great reading, and turn in those minutes!

Our Olympic Reading Challenge Has Begun!

Help us to Read for the Gold this February!  By keeping track of all of the reading that you do between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28, we can work to read 120,000 minutes as a school.  Last winter, we read for just over 118,000 minutes.  If we meet our goal this year, we will set a new school record.  You can get the paper forms from the library, or just click on “Olympic Reading Challenge” at the top of the screen.  That way, you can just type them in online!  We can do this – be a part of the Sippican Olympic Reading team!